Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen

My name is Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen,

I am a mechanical engineer by profession and a self taught photographer with a passion for street photography by heart.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I shoot the majority of my street photography. Thru my profession I get to travel the world, see places that I would not otherwise get to see, and when I do I always bring a camera.

My interest in street photography started in 2012, when I became the father of twin girls. During the weekends I would walk for hours upon hours with them in their stroller, always trying new routs to see new parts of Copenhagen, I started bringing my camera along and got hooked on street photography and photography in general.

From my experience it is all about seeing and anticipating the moment, not the gear.

If you want to see more of my work, please visit my Homepage or Instagram.

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter, or contact me via

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