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Streets of Montpellier

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I’m in love with Montpellier and that for many reasons.

First off all, when I speak of Montpellier, I’m primarily thinking of the old town in the center of town with the narrow streets. Here you’ll sense a very local atmosphere, people will meet each other at the cafe for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Sitting at a cafe there you will get the feeling that you’re watching how the every day life in Montpellier is, as it unfolds in front of you. With their openness the locals will include you, as a tourist, into this easygoing atmosphere and have a small chitchat with you.


As a street photographer the narrow streets in the old town will provide you with plenty of light and shadow opportunities, the only thing you need is to wait for a subject to walk straight into the scene.

When the sun is setting in the evening, the narrow streets will be filled with shafts of the most beautiful golden light. I look forward to this all year!

Fun fact, there are many students in Montpellier, around 43 pct of the population are under the age of 30. There’s a vibrant and young feel to the city, that will make you feel comfortable having your camera on you. You won’t stand out as a street photographer.

I’m in love with with Montpellier, and fortunate for me, it is only a one hour drive from where my family and I have had the opportunity¬†to¬†spend our summer holidays for the past many years.

Below are some of my favorite street shots from the past couple of years in Montpellier.

/ Brian

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