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Streets of Shanghai

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Thanks to my daily profession I get to travel a lot (I’ve written that once before).

Shanghai is a city that I have visited a couple of times because the company I work for has a local sales office and every second year in December there is a huge fair called “Marintec”, which we attend. I’m actually going there again this December, to attend Marintec 2017, so if you are there as well come find me at the “IRON Pump A/S” stand in the Danish pavilion and I’ll buy you a soda and we can talk street photography.

Anyway, back to the interesting stuff, street photography in Shanghai. There is lots of opportunities for street photography in Shanghai, especially if you stray off of the main roads which are to polished and touristy for my taste. I occasionally stay at the SAS hotel at “Peoples Square” and it’s a little to close to the tourist heavy part of Shanghai and it doesn’t feel as genuine and unpolished as if you stay at a hotel outside the center of town, which I have also tried.


In general Shanghai is a very crowded and busy city and personally I’m not all that fond of walking around in it by myself, maybe because I’m 193cm tall and very Scandinavian looking which apparently in Shanghai means that I must be (obviously) interested in buying fake Rolex watches, want to go to “a ladies club” or want to get hustled with the “Take my picture and join me for tea so I can practice my english” scam. I never fell for the scam because when sufficiently many Chinese people asks you (specifically you out of 30-60 people passing by but you happen to be the only non-local) to take their picture, it kind of dawns on you that something is fishy about it. I later talked to a German guy who fell for it and ended up paying a hefty check at some fancy teahouse. So my advice is just act as if you dont speak english or say you are busy, or like me just say that you really just want to find a Starbucks for a coffee and a wifi connection (would also be true).


I hope I don’t discourage anyone from visiting Shanghai, I just recommend that you watch yourself and stay skeptical at anyone that are a little to friendly. According to my local colleague it is highly forbidden to harm or rob tourists or visitors, but it’s kind of okay to cheat them out of their money, so they just want your money.

Below are some of my favorite street shots from my past couple of trips to Shanghai.

Best regards,

Travel Tip: Agree on the price to the airport with the cabdriver before getting in the cab, maybe ask someone at the hotel what the price would normally be, otherwise you might end up driving in the opposite direction out of town, only to circle all the way around Shanghai to the airport. We could see it on google maps, but the cabdriver didn’t understand english so there was no point in telling her to take the short rute, and the company pays the expenses so what else is there to do than laugh at the situation.

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