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Streets of Vancouver

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Thanks to my daily profession I get to travel a lot.

Last year I was fortunate enough to go to Vancouver on business and managed to get a lot of time to explore the city and shoot some street photography.

Below are my 17 favorite street shots from that trip and as you can probably tell I’m a big fan of finding an interesting setting, then wait for someone to “strideby” and add that human element to the image.

Vancouver is very recommendable to visit, for both street photographers and regular turists. If you want to se more photos of Vancouver and read more about the city you can do so on my personal photography blog (Rockshot Blog).

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  • Incredible street shots!!! I love the idea of finding an interesting spot and waiting for the human element to occur!! I love the photos – and VSCO is my favorite processing tool too!!

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    • Thank you Ryan!

      It can be an effective method as well, especially in big cities. In the suburbs or outside the city center it can become quite tedious because you sometimes end up waiting for a long time for someone to pass by. 🙂

      When traveling I like to transfer some of my shots to my iPhone and then spend the time on the airplane home processing them in Snapseed or the VSCOapp.

      Best regards,

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