Month: November 2015

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Platea in the Leica Shop in Copenhagen

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Three Platea members had a short visit, a cold afternoon the 23 November 2015, in the fantastic Leica Shop in Copenhagen. Unfortunately the discount was too low, even if we ordered 3 Leica M’s. So no orders today. But hopefully Leica Denmark will reconsider and give an offer we can’t refuse!

Peter and Brian overwhelmed by the wonderful Leica products. Photo: Jan Jespersen

Jan and Brian trying Leica camera's. Photo: Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen
Jan and Brian trying Leica camera’s. Photo: Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen

Peter relaxing with a coffee, after the visit to the Leica shop. Photo: Jan Jespersen

Brian showing Mats Alfredssons Chicago Streetwalk book to Jan. Photo: Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen
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Brian meets Mats Alfredsson

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Brian Jakobsen had the pleasure to meet the Swedish street photographer Mats Alfredsson. Mats was in Copenhagen, and Brian was able to buy three signed copies of Mats’ new street photo book ‘Chicago Streetwalk‘. Brian made two Platea members very happy 🙂

Brian meets Mats Alfredsson in Copenhagen, 7 November 2015. Photo: Mats Alfredsson

You can see more of Mats’ work on his homepage or his Facebook page